Saturday, June 30, 2007

Help me choose new Blog Headers

I have created two new blog headers for my blog. They perfectly fit the new Dragon Ball Z theme that you see on each one of my profile on the internet these days. I am rapidly transforming into a saiyan again, and that's why its all you see me do these days. Anyways let me get to the basic reason behind this blog post. Well, I actually created two slightly different versions of the blog header and couldn't decide which one to put up, so I decided that I should ask you guys which is better. After all, it is going to be there for you guys to see. So it would only be fair if you get a say in this. Well without further delay, here they are:

So please tell that which image is the better one. I would put it up as my blog header. And once again, thanks for your feedback people. I really appreciate it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Am Back: 50th Blog Post

Well people, I am finally back from my exams. It was a real tough week and I am not expecting anything good right now. Most of my grades will be down and the worst part is that this was the final exams for the semester and I would not get a chance to make up for it. But it is still my fault, as I got too lazy to do anything and missed out on a lot of assignments and Quizzes. Now what ever comes up wouldn't be good and definitely could have been better. Heck by mid-term I was guaranteed at least 5 out of 6 A-Grades in the semester but now it has come down to this that I may even end up getting an F in one course.

But hey, what's done is done, and I would move on and attack the next semester head on. I got 2 months of summer vacation and I still haven't figures out what to do. Should I go for an internship or spend my time doing what I do best, Game On. Only time would tell that, but one thing is for sure that for now, one thing is for sure; I would be going all out on my favorite sites gaining new levels and achieving the unexpected. My primary targets would by Gamespot, YouTube and CelebDAQ. I would also be doing a lot of blogging and thanks to Microsoft Word 2007, posting these simultaneous blog entries has never been easier.

Since on the topic of blogging, I would like to reveal that this is my 50th Blog Post for Gamespot, my number one blog. I would like to acknowledge the participation of all my friends and contacts there who actually read it and give me feedback on it. I am also pretty close to hitting level 20, the Danger Level so I would try my best to keep my participation up and clear it right out. On the other statistics, my YouTube site has finally started to grow; I have now received 15400 Video Views and have 270 channel views. I only have 10 friends but soon plan to change that and add a lot more people. If you want to add me as a friend on YouTube then please visit and click 'Add as a Friend'. If you are reading this post elsewhere that you can also add me on Gamespot by visiting and then click 'Track this Person'.

Well, so long people, until next time, and it will be real soon. Believe me!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Final Exams Up

Just a post to notify everyone that my final exams are coming up from Monday, 18th June 2007, so my activity will decrease a lot during the next couple of weeks. Its gonna be real tough cuz I didn't get that much marks in the mid term and also am suffering from low internal grades. This is going to have a real bad impact on my CGPA, but in the end of it all. I would finally be free for two months before the next semester, and I also would be a half Computer Engineer too. Wish me luck people. Oh and to make up for my absentee, I have uploaded over a dozen new videos (Music, Trailers, and other stuff) on YouTube for you guys to enjoy. Here is the link to my Channel:, you can also visit my profile on Gamespot for more cool stuff by me at In the end of it all, if you are also a Bahrian or like Bahria University, go to for some great videos from the university.

Well so long people, until next time, probably after 25th June, you will hear from me again, when I will post my 50th Blog entry on

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Greatest Games of All Time: Grand Theft Auto III

Gamespot inducted GTA III into its greatest games of all time. It's the ultimate Hall of Fame of the industry, and well it's the first ever induction of a Grand Theft Auto, into the Hall. And surprising enough, it was GTA III and not San Andreas that pulled out the shot. I was actually expecting it to get the first inductance, but anyways; I guess Liberty was just plain better. I had a flash of memories from 2001, when I first played this beautifully engineered master piece from Rockstar North. Enough said, here is a preview of what Gamespot had to say:

Taken from:;picks;story;6

Grand Theft Auto III is easily one of the greatest games of all time. It was quietly released in 2001 for the PlayStation 2 and after widespread critical acclaim and positive word of mouth, quickly became a cultural phenomenon that forever changed the world of video games. It may seem crude now, but when it was released, GTAIII offered an unprecedented level of freedom and detail, giving rise to terms like "sandbox" and "open world" to describe the entire genre of games that this one inspired. Yes, GTAIII was also violent and controversial, but it isn't the defining game of the PlayStation 2 era because of its success. Rather, it epitomizes its generation because it's an undeniably fun, well-designed, immersive, and hilarious game that broke new ground for future games to follow.

In what might be the most significant leap forward for any video game franchise, GTAIII took the series from a somewhat obscure top-down game of cops and robbers to a fully realized action adventure set in an expansive 3D world. Playing GTAIII for the first time, it's easy to feel intimidated by the sheer scope of the game. You play as a nameless hero who happened to catch a lucky break and avoid going to prison. After a short intro, you're thrust into the streets of Liberty City, where you can do just about anything you want.

You can steal a car and simply cruise through town to check out the sights. Or, you can hop in an ambulance and try your hand at being a paramedic. If that doesn't suit your fancy, you can get behind the wheel of a police car and hunt down criminals to deliver your own brand of vigilante justice. And of course, you can always visit any of the dozens of intriguing story characters to take on special missions and earn some serious loot.

The size of the game's world and the freedom it gave you to explore are the most immediate and striking aspects of GTAIII, but it's more than just a huge maze of streets for you to run around in. Liberty City was so well designed and detailed that it felt remarkably lifelike. Pedestrians strolled down the street muttering to one another; newspapers blew in the wind; gangsters patrolled and protected their territories; hookers propositioned johns on street corners; and through it all, the sun continued to rise and set on the comfortable chaos of life in the big city.

Subsequent GTA games would expand the scope of the playable world to encompass multiple cities and miles of virtual space between, but Liberty City from GTAIII felt just right. It was by no means small; the game had three huge districts and hundreds of miles of roads to explore. The different districts were perfectly distinct--for instance, the hilly suburbs of Shoreside Vale offered a completely different experience from the seedy red-light district on Portland Island.

In addition to the superbly crafted world and top-notch gameplay, Grand Theft Auto III had a fantastic sense of humor. Everything from the dialogue and characters to the radio stations and billboards was infused with a satirical wit that was funny without feeling overplayed--a remarkable feat for a game that easily lasted 100 hours or more. Whether you were laughing out loud at the ridiculous Smokey and the Bandit-like antics of angry police officers or chuckling at the goofy Lazlow as he rambled on about nothing in particular on his talk radio show, there was always humor to be found among the mayhem in Grand Theft Auto III.

Of course, GTAIII generated plenty of controversy when it was first released. After all, a game that lets you pick up a hooker, have sex with her, and then rob and murder her is going to raise a few eyebrows. What you have to understand about the game is that it's not the senseless violence and mature themes that made it fun--violent games have existed for years. What made Grand Theft Auto III fun was the way it was so cleverly designed to keep you entertained despite a relative lack of structure. Essentially, GTAIII gave you the freedom to entertain yourself, which in this case proved much more effective than holding your hand and dragging you through a rigidly organized series of challenges. Grand Theft Auto III defied all expectations of what a video game must be and delivered a gameplay experience unlike any other. And for that, it's without a doubt one of the greatest games of all time.

You can get even more info about the article by visiting the link. It has A lot more to offer then just this, so be sure to visit it. You can also comment your own views on it here and also on Gamespot if you want too. Well its time for me to sign off, but keep in touch for more from the World of UzEE.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Saiyan Saga Concludes

The Saiyan Saga concluded here last week. Toonami rebroadcasted all the episodes. Even though I had seen it all before, the experience was thrilling. It was like watching a new series all over. Its great that Dragon Ball Z airs every day from Monday to Saturday here, so we can really get into the story. Well now it's the race to Namek and Feriza's number is almost up. It would be great seeing the original Super Saiyan transformation again. Those were one of my favorite episodes. Akira Toriyama really created magic in this series.

I still wonder why he thought that the time was up for Dragon Ball Z. I never really swallowed GT. I mean I didn't like the idea of dropping original and main characters like Gohan, Goten, and Piccolo etc in favor of newer ones. They were that core of the series and maybe that's why DBGT wasn't as successful as its two prequels. And then at the end, killing almost everyone, meaning the showing that time has passed on and the only survivor is Pan, and two knew kids Goku Jr. and Vegita Jr., who didn't even know what a Super Saiyan is. I sometimes really wish we could see another sequel to Dragon Ball Z, not GT because, to me, it wasn't a fair story. This concludes my 48th post here on Gamespot, and I am really close to my 50. Don't forget to comment.